Thursday, June 30, 2011

So cute I may hurl!

Ever see pictures of kids that are so cute you want to puke?  I used to be one of those kids.  Yep, me.  The girl with 11 piercings (a few of which in un-nameable places) and a big baby of a pit bull dog.  The girl who posts pictures of her nasty feet just to share what I did that evening.

I had to wait ages for mom to send me these!!  Hold your applause....

Oh yeah, this is Day 19 of the 30 Day Photo Challenge--A picture of me when I was little.  That adorable little gentleman is Bubba.

I'm sooo happy to be off today!  Then one more day of work and I get a four day weekend!  Means I'm drivin home to see Bubba and the fam most likely.  I love the Fourth.  We usually have a big neighborhood cookout and fireworks show.  This year, we're going to dad's boat club for food and fishing.  Not sure what all else, but I like creating new traditions sometimes.  As long as it involves fireworks, drinking, and family I don't really care what we do.

Do you celebrate the Fourth of July?  Do you have any traditions?


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Anonymous said...

Girl, you are rockin' that red sweater! :o) I just love old pictures!! You better believe I won't be putting any of me up though. You know that awkward stage everyone goes through growing up? Yeah, mine lasted 13 years. :o)