Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gettin Ready for Christmas

Today was my first Wednesday to work in what feels like forever.  Definitely was not on my game today. 

Matt and I cleaned the room the other day.  It was ridiculous how bad it was.  Ever seen an episode of Hoarders?  Yeah, almost that bad.  It was mostly my clothes everywhere, so it wasn't hard to clean.  I guess that was our way of making up.  Bonding experience lol.

I went in yesterday and got my trageus pierced.  A graduation present from my second favorite little brother, Jace.  Definitely didn't hurt, a little sting, but no pain.  No pop sound either which was weird.  I hit it earlier which hurt like a bitch though.

This Christmas should be interesting.  First year without Grandpa Del (didn't go last year due to snow).  I'm half tempted to stay home and be a hermit.  I love my family and all, but it's hard for me to be around them without him.  Graduation was hard enough without him there.  I wish I had gone to see him more often before he got sick.  I feel bad about that still.

This is probably the most pointless post I've made yet.  Oh well.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Starting a new chapter

Tomorrow starts my first Monday as part of the "real world."  Yes, the girl who never knows what she wants to do with her life from day to day has finally graduated.  All I know is that I have no idea what I'm doing from here on out.  Part of me wants to do what I did when I gained my collegiate independence and party every night I can.  On the other hand, I want to be more responsible.  Is it possible to do both?  Maybe we'll try that out for awhile.  I'll let you know how that goes.

Went to my work Christmas party last night.  We ended up back at the bar at Sooner Legend's (which is where I celebrated and got completely hammered after graduation Friday night).  I proceeded to again get smashed.  Had a lot of fun though.  Matt didn't feel well and went home.  I stayed with Kyle and Marchel.  Now he won't talk to me... I'm not sure what I did wrong.  He didn't feel well and didn't seem to want to be there so I let him go home.  He knew I wanted to be there.  I didn't try to make him feel bad or guilt him into staying.  Should I have gone home with him?  Probably.  Would I have been happy about it?  No.  I would have ended up being a bitch which would have us in an even worse position than we already are.  Why is it that when I try to do right, I end up fucking up?

Anyway, I'm sure no one wants to here sob stories so here's what's been hot in my mind lately: Poe.  No, not Edgar Allan the writer, Poe the singer.  Her music seems to speak to me no matter what s going on.  A couple songs that are really speaking what I want to say are these:

Both good songs.  And Poe is amazingly beautiful.  From a conversation had last night, she is definitely my type and I would take her home in a heart beat.

I'm not sure who I continue posting for.  I know no one reads this.  I guess this is cleansing or something.

Whatever, goodnight to whom ever reads these.