Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm gonna lay it all out there

I mean it.  Really.  Eventually.

Have you ever chased your dogs through the field behind your house because your fence was blown down by hurricane force winds even though you clearly live smack dab in the middle of a landlocked state?  I have!  The dogs decided to find their way into the backyard while Matt and I were bleaching the kitchen (this is another story all together).  Here's how that train of thought/adventure went for them:

Dogs: ooo! back door is open! (get into yard)

Roxi: I don't remember the yard being this big...

Tank: Imma chase my tail while laying on the ground!

Roxi: Let's go see what this is! (runs through gaping gape in fence)

Tank: Om nom nom tail.... Wait!  Where you goin???  Wait for me!!  (follows Roxi)

(Dogs run east to 24th SE)

Roxi: ah fooey!  This is a road... I wonder where the other way leads?

Tank: Om nom nom more tail... What's those things goin by real fast???  They look like they need chased!

Roxi: goin this way!!! (runs west)

Tank:  baaahhh wait for me!!! (ADD kicks in and he forgets about those things and follows Roxi)

Roxi:  I think daddy is yelling at me... I'm gonna keep runnin cause he's chasing me, game right?  (Matt histerically yelling, Allie huffing and puffing miles behind...)

Tank:  Roxi! Roxi! Rox (falls in hole) oop, gopher hole! {bonus points to who can name that movie!}

Roxi: Yep he's yelling my name... More room to run!  Daddy catch up!! 

Tank: Here comes the dog, strong and brave - woof! Here comes the dog, your life he...
(falls into a hole) {name this one too!}

Roxi: Ahhh s#!*... I'm done, daddy's mad...

Tank: Why we stoppin???  Hey daddy!  Let's run!

Roxi: hey dumb@$$, we're in trouble...

Seriously, that is how it went.  They spent the greater part of the evening in time out, whilst Matt and I finished bleaching the kitchen and decluttering the living room.  I was dripping in sweat by the time we stopped, it was ridiculous the amount of cleaning our house needed.  I thought we did a decent job of keeping it, well, decent.  Apparently not...

Sadly, that isn't what I'm layin out there today... this is... my biggest insecurity for day 18 of my photo challenge.  This is actually quite hard for me to admit to, I'm a shallow person.  Sue me.  You can't say you aren't ever shallow.  You can?  Really?  I'm gonna show you a greek god and an average Joe.  Without knowing either of them at all, who would you choose without thinking?  The god.  Everyone would.  That's shallow, so there!  If you wouldn't, I think we may have just witnessed the second coming.

Here goes...

That my dear friends... is stretch marks... on my no longer at all toned tummy... or flab, whatever you wanna call it...

I used to be quite a bit smaller than I am now.  Moving to Norman ruined my figure (other than giving me nice gozongas).  I'm determined to get back to where I was fifty pounds ago.  Once I get paid again, I'm getting a gym membership to aid in my weight loss.  I know I've already lost a good chunk, but it's not good enough for me.  I wanna be able to keep up with Matt.  The boy has had back surgery for crying out loud!  I should be able to easily keep up with him even if I'm severely out of shape.  I've also been told it will help with my back pain to get back to my former size.

No more self loathing tonight!  I'm gonna go try to get my freak on haha.

And yes, Tank is pretty dumb and absent minded.  I know you got that, but I know there are a few people who won't catch it.  I love the cuddly thing, but he's dumb as a box of rocks.  He does actually lay on the floor and chase his tail at the same time for what seems like hours.  It's quite entertaining.  For both him and myself.

Hope you had a wonderful start to your week!


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