Tuesday, June 7, 2011

30 Days of Photos--Day 6

A picture of the person I'd love to trade places with for a day???

Geez... really????  (As Matt yells "Jesus!" To which I reply "He's dead..."  His witty reply???  "No!  The one down at the Home Depot!".... no he's not racist just.... um... politically incorrect.... especially at this time of night... I'm sorry for any offense taken...  *smacks boy upside head*)

Yep, Bo the First Dog.  Do you realize how pampered this guy must be????  Matt was the one who actually suggested this guy, because he know how much I LOVE pampering.  I mean really, he has to be camera ready all the time and I'm sure they have the BEST groomers working for him.

Who would you trade places with???

Sorry so short... I was at work for god knows how long today... I cleaned my ENTIRE shift!!!  We have our German audit tomorrow and the center was in a rush to make the place look like you could eat off of every surface...  Oh yeah, I made it so you can!  My body feels like it is not going to move in the morning... Marchel and I are soooo letting loose tomorrow night after all this stress!!!  Tequila and a dip in the pool are definitely in order tomorrow.

Anyway, happy Tuesday!


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