Monday, June 6, 2011

30 Days of Photos--Day 5 AND Obscure Monday

That's right, two posts in one!  I figured I should get back to my Monday posts.  I know yall missed them!  So without further ado I give you tonight's Obscure Monday post (yep, that's right you have to wait until later in the post to see my next photo).

Title: Chrysalis

First off, this movie is in French so if you don't know French or like movies with subtitles, you won't like this one.

The plot line is great, full of action and twists.  It goes between two different storylines that intersect near the middle-ish.

There's a mind control machine, government co-ops, a haunted cop, and a crazy woman.  It's full of suspense and keeps you guessing.  The hand-to-hand fighting is superbly choreographed, as is the gun fighting.

Overall, it's just one of those you have to see to really know how great it really is. 

Could it be the two biggest days in my sorority career???

My bid day, with my Wonderful Sis Mom Colleen.
The day I got to tell Lindsey (left) that she is my Little!  With my G-Big Comela.

Or maybe the plays I was in in high school??

Me as a Jitter Bug in the Wizard of Oz, junior year I believe.

Or maybe all days I've had with Matt???

How about when we picked out Roxi??

Roxi, the second time we saw her.  We went to visit our soon-to-be babygirl.

Or when I brought home Tank???

He soooo hated this caging!  He learned to get out real quick.

There are so many to choose from.  I guess these are all my favorites in one way or another.  Yeah, I know, there is more than 1 photo... my blog, I don't care lol!!!

Anyway, I may only have a very short post tomorrow.  The Germans are coming....

*pause for effect*

My work's headquarters are in Germany and they are sending people to audit us on Wednesday.  Apparently they are really strict and a little crazy about some things.  Little nervous?  You betcha!  I would say I'm just gonna be me, but that might get me fired.  Lol jk, just need to put on my "super professional" panties and suck it up when it comes to joking around with donors...  ugh...

Hope yall had a happy Monday!!!


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