Tuesday, June 28, 2011

blah blah ba blah blah blah!

Ever had one of those weeks at work where you just wanted to shout at everyone and show them what a REAL hard worker looks like???  Not at all, right?  It's day 3 of this wretched thing we call a work week and I'm about to throttle some people. 

I usually don't try to draw attention to the things I've been helping out with at work.  Hell most of the time I'd rather people just think *poof*pow*magic hands* it happened.  I do feel under appreciated quite often at work, but who in this "real world" feels they are over appreciated??  I feel it comes with the territory of having a job.

But seriously!!!  Don't train me to expect more responsibility and to WANT more responsibility if you aren't going to let me claim the responsibility!!!  No wonder my annual was just average, I'm hardly allowed to actually do my job...

Being the smart ass I tend to be, I purposely got myself sent to a separate part of the building to help with their jobs.  You want so-and-so to know how to do my job and all the stress it entails?  Let'em have fun!  I'll do the other part of my job.  It's you against the world up there in that spot, so I'm out helping where I feel needed.

Ok, I'm done with that tirade... I just don't like being any one's bitch...

On to more interesting things.  So Matt's birthday went so much better than expected.  I ended up getting off work late, but it didn't really affect anything.  So I go to Maggie Moo's (this ah-MAZING lil ice cream shop in Norman close to my work) to pick up his ice cream cake.  I'm thinking it'll feed like 5 people since they told me 8 and places usually underestimate how much my boy can eat.  This was Saturday when I picked it up.

It's now Tuesday and....


We have about triple the number of people show up than I thought were coming.  My tab was relatively low, and Matt got nice and toasty.  We ended up going out to Bestie's again to swim, tops on this time.  Matt later told me it had been the best birthday yet.

Too bad the air conditioner was out... It went out Friday night and my house wasn't cold again until Monday evening.  My poor puppies couldn't escape the heat!!  This was just days after the same thing happened at work... I swear the land hurricane that came through awhile back killed every air conditioner in town!  I knew people who had to drive 30 minutes just to find a shitty window unit!  Thankfully roommate got a job at Walmart so he could pick one up on shift before they all vanished.

Unfortunately, the boys think it's smart to run the a/c at 65 all day every day now.  I wonder if they realize we may need ANOTHER new condenser soon if they keep this up?  I'll be packin up and headed to Bestie's if this happens again lol.

Oh!  Guess who got a NEW and FREE piercing for Matt's birthday.  ME!  The deal with our piercer was that both of us would get a free one if he got to choose where.  Knowing what he would pick, we agreed.  Matt ended up declining his the day of because they were going to have to use a size larger than normal due to supply shortage.  You should have seen his eyes when they showed him the ring!  "You think that is going where?!?!?!"  I manned up and got my VCH done (gonna have to google that one people, or just think really hard lol).  It stung for a day but hasn't since.  J told me bumpy roads and speed bumps are going to be my favorite things in the world after awhile lol.

I know I have somewhat stopped on the 30 Day Photo Challenge, but I'm waiting on momma to email me a few pictures.  Seriously.

Anyway, this is everything that has happened in my absence from you my lovelies!  Hopefully your weeks are going better than mine so far lol!


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Jaimie said...

omgawd girlie.. you got some ladyballs!!! im tellin ya!! I got my Bellybutton done at 16...cried like a baby, then passed out. couple years later, got my tongue done.. didn't cry... but did hyperventilate, & pass the fuck OUT. I'm DONE.

*ain't no one comin NEAR my ladybits with a needle!*

Whew.. think im gettin light headed just thinkin bout it... eeeesh...