Saturday, July 2, 2011

Link Love Friday (on a lazy Saturday) and Day 20

I know I know, it's not Friday.  Well Friday was full of work work work and then trying to pack to go see the folks this weekend. 

And here I am still at home.  Stupid migraines... I'm gonna fight this and make the most of the rest of the weekend.  First thing's first.  A couple fun little link up's.

I'm joining Curvy Lady for her Link Love Friday topic this week:
What was the last song you sang in the shower and what would Simon Cowell say if he heard you? 
My go to shower songs tend to be anything by Katy Perry.  Lemme tell ya, I can belt it on that shower stage!  Simon would be in tears after hearing me.  Tears that he can't hear anymore haha!  I won't let that stop me though!  Just imagine me doing my version of this video while sudsing up before work every morning!

Or this one?

Just scandalous, I tell ya!

I could replicate either of these in any shower, any time, any where in the world!

Anywhere in particular I would want to do my versions?  Why yes, thank you for asking!
My top 2 places I want to travel (day 20 of the 30 day photo challenge, in case you're wondering) are these:

Ireland, home of over half my ancestors.
Amsterdam, one of the most tolerant places on Earth.

I know I know, two completely different yet stereotypical places to go.  I plan to take a metro as much as possible between the two (yes, Ireland is an island I know this) so I get to see a good chunk of the places in between.

If you are joining from the Lady Blogger Social Tea Party, welcome!  If you are just stumbling onto my humble abode, take it all in at any pace you feel comfortable with!  

I hope you will stop back by sometime.

Time for some ice cream and chocolate w/ some tea for this horrid migraine episode....

Have a happy Fourth!


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