Bucket List

Here are some of things I want to complete before I die.  I'll be adding to this list and checking off items periodically.
  • Own a house
  • Try steak tartar
  • Dress up like a Kiss member
  • Get Inked (scheduled for 2/18/12!!)
  • Write a book (working on it... sloooowly)
  • Create a decent portfolio
  • Tell my mother I'm bi (7/4/11 Bubba came out to her too!))
  • Meet one of my hereos 5/21/11 (I met Mayor Bloomberg!!!)
  • Own every Johnny Depp film
  • Go to Ireland
  • Visit at least 5 countries
  • Ride a gondola
  • Create a completely original recipe (11/2011, I've done two!  recipes soon)
  • Photograph Amsterdam
  • Try brussel sprouts
  • Keep some sort of journal for at least a month
  • Complete the 30 Days of Truth challenge
  • Do a Suicide Girls type photoshoot (booked for June 19th!!) (moved to July boo)(7/17/11-not quite SG but still kick ass!  Pix to come soon)

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