Sunday, June 5, 2011

30 Days of Photos--Day 4

A picture of my night.  How's about all my night's off????

Yeah yeah, I know "that's gross!"  But it was so much fun!!!  That's my new disc Matt bought me the other day, this was the first night I used it.  It's called a Katana. 

This is also what most my nights look like:
Twitter and watching movies on the 360.  I would add the dogs but they're a given.

We also like to make random Wal Mart trips in the middle of the night to see what types of characters are out.  Sometimes we are a very random couple.

What do you do at night??? 



Jaimie said...

Duuuude! We do the Wally World Late nights TOO!! :D

Jodie said...

I like to go to WallyWorld in the morning to beat the crowds! I am not a night owl, but I would like to go at night to see what is going on!