Friday, June 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday and a Bloggie Award!

Ahhh what a day!  Ever have one of those days that you just don't want to end?  Yeah, I know, we all do.  Today was definitely one of those days!  Matt and I were off together, which is always nice.  We made the pilgrimage to Crossroads Mall to see a friend, oddly enough, not nearly as scary as it usually is!!  If you know anything about the OKC area, you know Crossroads is NOT one of the places one tends to CHOOSE to go to if one has a choice.  However, we've been going about once a month now to pick up our dietary supplements (no, not drugs, actual dietary pills {we both have bad backs and knees so hardcore workouts are not as helpful unless we don't want to move for a few days}) (it's the only store in the area that carries it for now), so we're getting used to the ...ahem... scenery.  We made a few other stops: Mrs. Cools, Play it Again Sports (we're regulars now!), and Taramuhara's.  No Frolfing today kiddies, waaaaayyy to damn windy to throw a disc anywhere near a pin!!!  It was/is a good day!

Anyway, I have a lot to be thankful for this week so I'm kinda excited!  Here ya go:

  • Matt and I got a discount today for our diet pills because the guy has come to know us (and Matt kept his word about telling him about any space openings in Sooner Mall).
  • While at PiAS, we got a free disc.  We go in once a week or so and talk to the main guy, so we've gotten to know him well.  I picked a Latitude 64 Halo and got Matt a 2011 tournament disc.  We sit there and BS for awhile and Matt pops off about his Innova Shark he really likes.  The guy grabs a disc, says "you like sharks?  here have this one."  Like for free.  It was his last one from the 2009 Red Dirt Doubles tournament. 
Our 3 new discs!  Mine is the blue one, the red one was the free one, and the pink one is the tourney one.
  • Met a girl at the dog park today who fosters dogs.  I'm happy to have finally met someone who is able to do that and who cares enough to socialize these poor pups.
  • Apparently the Germans were impressed with our center this week when they came.  All I really know is that our audit (inspection) by the German Health Authority went pretty well, no results really yet.
  • I got a little pat on the back for the hard work I put into cleaning for said audit.  It feels good to be appreciated.
  • I now have both an Avon lady AND a Mary-Kay lady.  For awhile I only had one or the other, which made me sad.  I may not be a girly girl, but I do love makeup.  When I can find great stuff for even greater prices NOT at Wal Mart, it's a good day lol
  • Matt is FINALLY starting to spoil Tank.  While most may not see this as a good thing, said most didn't witness the reaction I got when I brought him home.  Trust me, it's a good thing!
  • Tank got an ear infection... And we cured it WITHOUT going to the vet.  A little home remedy I was given: put peroxide in a spray bottle, spray in ear, rub around, dry out.  Do this for a few days and... no more head shaking or whining.  (I'm not a vet and I don't claim to know cure-alls.  Do not try any home remedies without vet/doctor approval)
  • I got all the little lovelies I won in Meagan's gigantic birthday giveaway over at Fairly Fabulous this week!  You should definitely check this little lady out, if you haven't already.  I don't care what she says, she's not fairly fabulous, she's completely fabulous!!  I'll post pictures of them as I wear/use them!
Meagan, this is what I have done with my bumper sticker!!  She loves it almost as much as I do!!

  • I have a pending road trip with Bubba.  We're going to see our ailing great-aunt in Kinta.  Doesn't sound fun, but you'd have to know our family.  It'll be a blast.  Plus, a roadtrip with Bubba is always a fun time!
And the final thing on the list for now:

  • TrueBlood starts in T minus 16 days!!!
 Sorry, had to throw that out there.

I was also nominated for my second Bloggie Award!  Yes, I'm thankful for this too, but I thought I'd give it it's own little section tonight.  Miss Jodie over at Ramblings of A Fabulous Brunette (yep, definitely completely fabulous as well) gave me the:

Sooo 7 facts about lil ol' me...
  1. I'm convinced Tank has acquired magical powers his receiving his scar.  He snatched a melon rind off the middle of the cabinet tonight, and we proved he couldn't reach that far.  See?  Magical powers!
  2. I looooove dark chocolate, like love love love it!  I like white chocolate too, but it's not really chocolate so it doesn't count (no really, look it up).
  3. Tonight, I ate my first honeydew melon.  Ever.  It was, well, orgasmic to say the least.  Yeah, I had them in those mixed fruit thingies, but I've been told that doesn't count because let's be honest those taste like cardboard.
  4. I love sports and sports' icons, but I don't like Kobe Bryant or Lebron James.  *gasp*  Meh, I like guys/gals with a little class.
  5. I like to take pictures of things that are not what you would usually see or at least make you scratch your head.  I plan on starting a feature about such things in the near future.
  6. The only gun I've ever shot other than a BB gun is Matt's 9mm.  However, I plan on having a few in the coming years.  I really want a Glock if I can find one that fits my hands well.  Matt is trying to talk me into a pink 9mm... I would like to NOT get laughed at, thanks for the thought though hun!  Pink is one of my favorite colors, but so are black and silver lol.
  7. My favorite flavor of sunflower seeds is ranch.  Actually, my favorite flavor of just about anything (other than sweets) is ranch.  I also dip just about everything in ranch.  I think I just really like ranch lol.
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Hope yall have a wonderful Friday!



Mollie said...

Thanks for the award kiddo! I've never thought of white chocolate as chocolate. It's vanillate.

Jaimie said...

Lol..i love ur randoms! I loooove dark chocolate too! & id be really interested in that feature...Thanx abunch for thinking of me dearie! :D

crystal b. said...

Hello to you! I just had to stop by and say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE dark chocolate too. Super cool you won a prize on Megan's blog. :)