Sunday, June 19, 2011

Are we There Yet??? He's touching me!! I'm hungry!!

How many times have you heard those?  Hundreds?  Thousands?  More I bet.  That's typically what you here from siblings in a long car ride.  That's how my brother and I are. 

But not today!  We went on a mini roadtrip to Kinta, OK today to see family.  We haven't seen our great aunt and uncle in years.  GA isn't doing too well, she has some sort of condition that causes her spine to be in constant pain.  She was told it could get better but she would have to take narcotics for the pain until then.  Dad said she probably wouldn't make it much longer.  GU is going deaf but is still getting around well.  He was at a fishing tournament when we got to the house.  He did show up before we left, which was nice. 

We had a lot of fun.  If you ever head to northeast Oklahoma, you absolutely have to stop in at Duke's Diner in Warner.  I've been told their burgers are good, but I had their grilled chicken.  It was amazing!!  They put lemon pepper on it and possibly lemon juice.  You put lemon pepper on something and I will most likely love it though haha.

On the road again!

My handsome brother

Their cute little house.

You should definitely click on this and read the fish.  That's OSU for ya!

You can't get views like this in the city.

30 Day photo Challenge--Day 16:  Someone who inspires you.

Michael Bloomberg inspires me quite a bit.  What he was able to do in NYC so soon after the towers fell amazes me.
As for an actress, Alyson Hannigan inspires me.  She can any part thrown at her and make it look natural.
Of course, both my momma and Meme inspire me, but I personally see those as givens (in my case anyway).

Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend!


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Jaimie said...

gotta love what being grown ups does for ya... :) & I LOVE Alyson Hannigan