Saturday, June 11, 2011

30 Days of Photos--Day 8

I got some new holes in me!  Yeah that's right, holes.  Plural.  5 holes, 4 piercings.  Why so many at once you ask?  Of course you want to know so I'll tell you.  I've become pretty good friends with a local piercer here in Norman.  He joins us at bars and out at houses to drink.  Basically, I trust him not to screw up no matter what.  So this guy, J, is moving out of state next week.  I have a ton of piercings I eventually want done, but most I think I can trust to other piercers in the area with a good reputation.  These, however, I only trusted him to do.

What are these you ask?  Well, I'll tell you!  I decided months ago that I was getting my nipples pierced.  *GASP*  But but but WHY would you want those pierced?!?!?!  I don't really have an explanation for this one.  I just wanted them done.  Apparently I have "under developed nipples."  That's what J told me.  You see for most females they just pierce through the nipple, but for me he had to go through the areola like for a male nipple piercing.  I like them though, they look good.  Hurt like a bitch once I got feeling back that is, haha.  No pictures for this one, not putting porn on my blog.  I also go my left cartilage pierced (same side as my tragus) and an industrial in my right ear.  I was off balance with just my tragus done, so I wanted the industrial but that would leave me off balance as well.  What's a girl to do but get an extra on the left?  Haha!  I only two holes that actually hurt were the bottom of the industrial and the right nipple.  I'm good now though.

That's why I'm so late with this Day 8 post, a picture that makes me laugh.

Oh goodness, what doesn't make me laugh!!  Haha.

Me, my bestie's Lil, and my bestie!
Yeah so this was Halloween 2007.  I was supposed to be a witch but ended up being mistaken for a dominatrix.  I think it was the collar and arm cuffs.  Anyway, here I am and bestie's Lil are being cutesy and bestie is trying to be a badass.  Oh hell, she IS a badass.  She's supposed to be a VS Angel, but I think she looks more like a Hell's Angel.  Oh and yes, bestie is flippin HOT!  I came to terms with this years ago.  I'm hot in my own way too, like I have bigger boobs and a bigger butt than her haha!

Anyway, fun fun night.  This was Matt and I's first Halloween.  Technically we weren't actually together.  But you'd have thought so that night!  I ended up not remembering much because this was a Teke party and the Teke's know how to take care of their women.  Matt and I enjoyed ourselves later that night heh heh.

Yep, those memories make me laugh.  I have so many other pictures, but I thought the story behind this one was pretty awesome.  And gives you some insight into what I'm like outside of our little bloggie world.  If you ask nicely I may even give you Matt and I's whole story of "how we got together."  But you have to ask really really nicely, because it's somewhat defaming for myself.

Anywho!  Off to Ihop with the roommate (who has a blog too, you should check him out) until Matt gets home from poker night with the boys!


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Woah! WOAH!!! One. More. Time. WOOOOAAAAAHHH! You did NOT get your nipples pierced, did you? No really, did you? Oh. Mah. Gah. How did you stand the pain??? Weren't you worried you would lose feeling forever? I would die if I lost feeling in my nips. Diiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee. What does Matt think? And speaking of The Matt. How did you two get together? Tell me. Please? Pretty please?