Monday, April 11, 2011

New Start?

So I'm finally trying really hard to get this weight loss thing going.  I signed up for SparkPeople the other day so I can keep up with my goals (and hopefully hold myself accountable).  I'm eating much better.  I made scrambled egg whites for breakfast along with an apple and water.  Of course I need my coffee, but I made sure I had my water first.  I'm walking to work almost everyday.  However, since there is a not so good neighborhood between my house and work, I won't walk home at night.  I'm even taking a supplement.  I really hope this helps.

This weekend I'm going to check out a 24 hour gym that isn't too far from my work.  I really hope it isn't that expensive.  The cheaper ones are across town and with gas as high as it is I just can't do that while Matt and I are sharing the car.

On another note, I can't wait to get my first couple postcards in the mail!  Matt is almost as excited as I am.  I think because I'm finally taking my mom's advice and finding a new hobby that doesn't cost much money, haha.

I gotta finish getting ready for work and document my breakfast (for record keeping), so I'll post again later.  We're going to watch an obscure movie tonight so I can start the new Monday feature I talk about here.

Have a good Monday!!



Amanda C. said...

Thanks for the nice comment. I think the electric fence is already working. Good luck meeting your goals. I never could diet. Exercise is the key for me. I joined a class at a local gym to help keep me motivated.

Anonymous said...

Good luck for meeting your weightloss goals! It's not that hard as it may seem, once the mind switches to that goal, too :)