Monday, April 25, 2011

Obscure Monday

Title: The people I've Slept With

The movie starts out with Angela starting a video to her child about how said child came to be.  She describes herself as a previous girl next door who liked sex. She likes having sex with both men and women.  She takes pictures of the people she sleeps with, says it's her pornography.  She finds out she's pregnant and isn't sure who the father is.

Her gay best friend is very supportive, but thinks she should have an abortion because she is not ready to have children.  Her sister, on the other hand, is completely against the idea of abortion.

Her family is not very traditional, other than her sister's part of the family.

The movie follows her search for the father and preparing for motherhood.  Her best friend cheats on a guy and then realizes he is love with him, so it is also following him and his journey.

This movie is comical, heartfelt, and at times sad.

I really liked the movie, but at times it was somewhat redundant.  There isn't really a moral to this one except maybe live your own life.  You kinda have to be in a certain type of movie for this one.  It's definitely a romcom, but it has elements of other things.  The storyline isn't the most exciting, but it is entertaining.

Off to watch the Thunder game!  Thunder Up!!!!!


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