Monday, April 18, 2011

Obscure Monday

Title: Were The World Mine
This was a movie my little brother recommended to me.  It's a musical, however, in the first few minutes it won't strike you as such.

The main character Timothy goes to an all male school.  The kicker is that he's gay.  He lives with his mother who has just recently gotten a job.  Timothy, played by Tanner Cohen ("The Life Before Her Eyes" and Tad Becker in "As the World Turns"), tries out for the senior play A Midsummer Night's Dream.

The movie follows Timothy and his mother as they deal with the daily challenges of his being openly gay.  It is heart wrenching but hilarious at times, as well.

Timothy gets the part of Puck and proceeds to pull a puckish trick on the boys at his school and the people in his town.  This brings about all sorts of troubles and funny events in his town.  The twists in this movie will have you begging for more.  Unlike most musicals, it isn't all music with a little dialogue.  The balance is amazing.

Oh my goodness, this movie had me in tears, both empathetic and happy tears!   It teaches you not to judge and to see the world through the eyes of other people.  You really need to have an open mind to appreciate this movie.

My favorite line: "I'm not a lesbian.  I'm hetero-flexible." boyfriend replies and she says "I'm straight but shit happens."

Just so yall know, I'm IN LOVE with this movie!!!  It is definitely one I would recommend this to everyone!

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