Monday, April 11, 2011

Obscure Monday

Title: Aaah! Zombies!!
The premise of this movie, which is what first interested me, is that is a zombie movie from the perspective of the zombies.
To the actual movie.

The beginning of this movie shows how zombies came to be.  Pretty run of the mill--experiment gone wrong.  Until you get to the WAY it got into the general public that is.  The doctor who created the virus relabels the barrels of the stuff as baby formula.

You have your stereotypical characters: ditzy blonde, dorky-awkward guy, party guy, the hot driven female, and the guy trying to be the hero.

I won't ruin the plot line for you.  The dialogue is atrocious, but the idea is good.  As with any zombie movie there is a lot of blood and gore, but not in the normal way.  The effects aren't the greatest, but they are comical.

The writers and directors tried to make the movie into somewhat of a love story.  The zombie makeout scene is pretty funny.  As is finding out what happens when zombies have sex.  Then there's the epiphany, that oddly sounds like the founding of America.

My favorite part?  Finally learning the origin of Thing.  Haha, just kidding, but you'll understand once you watch it.

All in all it's a good movie if you like strange and awkward spoofs.  It does have a moral oddly enough: Accept yourself.

I recommend it.

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Sonya said...

This sounds INCREDIBLY strange. But not necessarily in a bad way, so I'm going to have to check it out. :)