Friday, April 22, 2011

Crazy Oklahoma

So Oklahoma got hit by some massive storms yet again today.  Norman was bypassed, again.  While being saved from all the rotation and tornadoes is great, we need the rain badly.  I can't even move my little garden outside yet because it is so dry.  I'm very sad about this.  We have the humidity but none of the actual moisture.  That's Oklahoma for you, though.  Sorry this post is so short, I'm having one of my migraines right now.  More about that later.  Hope you are all safe tonight.



Jaimie said...

Glad your safe, but i hoping for your garden! Sent out your postcard last week! You should get it anyday now!:) feel better sweetie!

Coupon Queen said...

That is soooooo cool!! I have only ever seen that once before! Ok, maybe cool is not QUITE the right word but awesome? Migraines suck, I get them, the pain in the head type as well as the octular ones that make me loose vision in one or both eyes, and while they don't hurt they are just as bad 'cuz you are stopped in your tracks dang near. Glad you have not had any of the bad weather there, hope you do get a little rain though. Have a wonderful week!! :)