Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vampire Addiction

Ok, so if any of you really know me you know that I am OBSESSED with vampires.  Like, unhealthily obsessed.  Yes Matt is the one with I'm in love with, but vampires are what make me go "ooooooooo!"  My favorite show, True Blood, isn't on at the moment (it comes back June 26th!!!!).  I had to find something to hold me over that wasn't rerun upon rerun of Buffy and Angel.  I'm currently a little over halfway through the first season of The Vampire Diaries.  I have to say, for a show that is geared towards high school students and younger college students it's pretty damn good.  I hate to say I'm a little addicted.  The characters are cheesy, the dialogue is somewhat predictable, and the plot line has very few twists (a few but not many).  But god I can't get enough of it!!  Matt says it's basically Dawson's Creek with vampires.  Maybe that's it, cause I loved Dawson's Creek when I was younger.  Or maybe because the drama in it is real life drama.  Not all of it at once, but some of the things that happen actual happen in real life.  Not the vampires and other characters of course.

It helps that two main male characters are yummy.  As are most of the other characters.  That always makes shows a little bit better.

What are your unhealthy obsessions?  Any shows you can't get enough of?  I love finding new guilty pleasures (plus I'm not sure if Matt will let me watch the second season of this or the third when it starts lol).

Happy Tuesday!


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