Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday

  • The OKC Thunder basketball team.  They have made the time between football seasons sooo much more bearable!!  I'm actually enjoying watching basketball on tv now.   Our announcers crack me up too when they pronounce Nene (nuh-nay) NayNay.  It's hilarious!!
  • Migraine medicines... I've been having some effin crazy migraines lately.  Back in November I had one that lasted 20 days.  When I went to the neurologist two months later the doctor gave me a low dose of seizure medicine commonly used for migraines.  He recently upped the dosage because I have been waking up with migraines every day.  Excedrin migraine works wonders!  It also helps when a coworker keeps migraine medicine on hand for when I forget to grab mine.
  • My coworker with the extra migraine medicine!
  • Finally getting rain!!!
  • That my family wasn't affected too bad by the extreme floods in their part of the state.  This is especially good considering they live on Oklahoma's version of a bayou.
  • Picking up new hobbies.  I'm slowly picking up crocheting again.  Once I get decent at it, I may do a giveaway.  Or birthday presents for my lovely blog friends!!  I do know that I am totally making dog beds for the kids and a blanket (OU colors of course) for my brother (who happens to be attending OSU in the fall lol).
  • Frisbee Golf (frolfing).  It's so much fun and walking the courses is such a great workout!!  I kinda suck at it, but I just started and enjoy it immensely.  It's also another way for Matt and I to bond.  I like having multiple things to do together; having just a handful makes relationships boring.
  • Losing 10+ pounds!!!  I'm super duper excited about this one!  I've gained quite a bit of weight since moving to Norman 2.5 years ago.  It didn't help that my back was really bad for awhile.  When I had my migraine, I lost 25 pounds because I couldn't eat, much less get out of bed.  I've lost at least 10 on top of that!  I still have a ways to go, but this is very motivating.  My secret?  To be honest, I was on a high powered diet supplement for awhile.  Now being a poor recent graduate helps because I can't buy all the greasy food I used to.  Granted, healthy food is more expensive, but I now pay more attention to what I'm buying.  I count calories too, but not in an extreme way just to make sure I'm not over doing it.
  • Getting off early yesterday.  I went in at six to be observed for my annual review but wasn't supposed to be there until 11.  I ended up having to stay until about 10 because the actual opener had a horrible migraine.  I went home and didn't have to go back in until 4.  Our scheduled opener came in to help close and sent me home early.  I love her.  Not just for that.  She lets me vent.  She was there when Roxi was lost in Muskogee for 4 days and let me leave to drive 3 hours away to look for her.  And pulled me aside to let me cry to her about it.  She's very blunt with me, which is much appreciated.  No sugar coating and that's how I like work to be.  She's a doll and a half!
  • DVR.  I can watch the Thunder game AND watch the new South Park!
I think that's it!  THUNDER UP!!!


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