Friday, April 29, 2011


Sorry for the random title today but after the day I've had, the news I received recently makes me just want to shout that from every roof in Norman.

Soooooo..... My news, you may ask?  The University of Oklahoma's star running back of the past few seasons DeMarco Murray has been drafted by my all-time favorite football team the Dallas Cowboys!!!! *SQUEEEAAALLLL*

I have been waiting for the Cowboys to draft a decent player for a long time.  I had high hopes for Tony Romo, like many die hards, and have thus far been thoroughly disappointed.  Roy Williams was the last pick I was actually happy with.  I really hope to be able to get tickets to a game or two this year.  Matt and I really want to go to a rivalry match.  His folks are Redskins' fans, so he, by proxy, is one too (sorta-ish, he prefers the Bengals).  He usually hates the Cowboys but according to his text message early he says "I guess I gotta watch them now."  First and foremost, we are Sooner fans.  Where the Sooners go we will follow.  So he now has to cheer for the 'Boys when we aren't playing the Bengals or Vikings (or as we call them, the Minnesota Sooners).

We also have Jeremy Beal, Quinton Carter, and Adrian Taylor (my buddy!) in the draft.  So far none of them have been drafted.  According to Taylor's NFL draft profile he will probably end up being an undrafted free agent because of his injury this past season.  I'm hoping all three will get picked up either in the draft or later.
DeMarco Murray in action against the Texas Longhorns


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