Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Red Hot Moon night

Another long night without a/c it is!  You would think a repair company would order parts as soon as they know said parts are needed.  Apparently that is much to much to expect in the middle of a record breaking summer when an a/c unit has stopped working.  I mean, I wouldn't want them to have to actually DO their job or anything.

I guess you can guess that, in fact, I did not get my a/c fixed today--after they showed up Saturday and said they would have the part today.  They were out when today rolled around.  But no worries, we were told today that they are having the part overnighted.  So only one more day until we know when we can sleep in our beds again.  No worries, I'm sure my fur-babies can stand another day of 100+ temperatures.

I really just want to give those stupid repair men a sharp kick in the gonads thank you for taking their sweet time and endangering all our lives making sure they have the newest part possible.

Off my soapbox now.

Things are still quite stressful in my life, but I'm coping.  I've dealt with worse.  It's just been awhile since I've had so many large things fall on me at once.  I really want to thank you guys for all your support, you have no idea how much it has lifted my spirits.  To know I can come here and pour my heart out to people some would call complete strangers (not me, I feel like I know yall better than most of the people I see on a daily basis) lets me know that I am not alone.  I have grown in my short time in our little community.  I have found an outlet for my stresses and a constructive hobby to spend my freetime doing.

Because of this personal growth, I have decided to rename my blog.  Come Saturday my blog will be under the name Sassy Miss Allie.  I was just going to change it tonight, but thought many wouldn't know what was going on and wouldn't stop by to see it.  I'll be working on new buttons this week, so don't forget to grab one.

I've also been debating on putting up some of my photos on Etsy.  I haven't really put most of my personal favorites on here but I'll slowly start doing so.  Let me know what you think, I love feedback.

"Red Hot Moon" Taken 7/11/11 on the HTC Inspire. Edited with Gimp.

Yep, that's a phone pic that I played around with.  The original is wonderful too.

I was quite proud of myself for this one and can't wait to print it off to put in my bedroom.

Thank you again for everything my friends.  Have a wonderful week.




I hope this works!

Meagan at Fairly Fabulous Blog dot com said...

I like the original. Looks like you need a slight telephoto. ;) Great shot!