Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wine Wednesday!!

Oh my!  Have you seen the new Old Spice commercial?  Fabio!!  *swoon*  That man aged nicely!  He is still one of the sexiest men I have ever seen.  If you haven't seen it, you should now

On to the wine!  I used to HATE wine.  Like if it was the only choice other than milk I'd pick milk (if ya'll know me then you know I can't stand the taste of milk and buy only soy/almond/coconut milk).  However, I have grown into quite the wino as I've grown up gotten older.  I don't really drink expensive wines, being that I'm still new to the "real" world.  (meaning=still on a college kids budget)

I have found some wonderful cheap inexpensive wines.  I keep at least two bottles of wine in my house nowadays.  My aunt gave me a little wine rack for Christmas and I've had it half full--at least--since then.  I have sooo many wines I want to share with you but I'll keep it to the three I currently have for this week.  One is an Oklahoma wine, so I'm really excited about that one.

I love wine!!

This is the Oklahoma wine.  This is definitely the best White Zinfandel I've had.  It's sweet but not sickeningly sweet.  It's not at all dry.  The raspberry tones are perfect, they don't over power the WZ taste but add to it.  If you have a chance to try one of the wines from Tidal School, I recommend it wholeheartedly. 

This little beauty is heavenly!  We found this one when the liquor store near work was having a wine sale.  It is definitely priced for a college town.  After we became partial to it, we found out its actually somewhat pricey in other places.  You can find out more about them here.  Oddly enough, this one isn't listed on there.
I know I know, this is the wine for people who don't drink wine.  But it's good.  And it was on my rack.

And there you have it!

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I used to hate wine too! Arbor Mist was the only thing I would drink...back in my college days. I still have fond memories thinking of it. I eventually started to like white, but hated red until the husband and I went to a wine tasting in California. After two hours of sampling straight from the barrels, I was hooked!

Little Missy Me said...

oh cool! I remember I started out with this chilean fizzy wine thing with smashed strawberries in it. I don't know if you get it in the states but over here it's called Fresita. Yum. Your wines reminded me of it.

Anonymous said...

i remember when i never liked wine either! now i love it! here from comment love day!

Sarah E. said...

That Arbor Mist one looks great! I've tried the Blackberry nommy! I'm not big on wine though.