Sunday, July 24, 2011

Buns of Steel--the Sassy edition!!!

That's right, I'm gonna work my ass off in the next few weeks!  Okay, not literally because I like my ghetto ass but it does need some toning and tightening.  I've gotten very sick of how out of shape I have been the last few years.  When you go from 130lbs at your best to 217lbs at your worst, you may have a problem...  I'm no longer that big but dieting and light exercise alone can only go so far.  I have the drive now to see something through til the very end.  If I hurt myself or get sick again, like I did the last time I tried the whole home workout thing, I'll slow down.  But no stopping this time.  I'm determined to look and feel my best! 

This is me in one of my high school plays.  This isn't even me at my smallest but it definitely illustrates what I'm getting at.

This is me at close to my heaviest.  I tried to avoid cameras at this point so I don't have many of me like this.  Oh the things I will do for my lovely Lil!

This is me a few months ago.  Much better than before, but not good enough for me.  As long as the boobs don't disappear I'll be happy lol!
So now that you know how much I have changed in weight over the years, let me tell you where I'm going to get my workouts.

Like I said above, I have tried this before (back when my knee injury was somewhat fresh and my asthma was going crazy.  My back was also near its worst at this point).  Matt and I tried p90x about a year or so ago and both failed.  I did, however, find my love for the Ab Ripper X workout.  I also love the stretch and I bet I'll love the Yoga X. 

I plan on incorporating those with some of the Insanity workouts and Jillian Michaels' workouts.  I need to watch those and figure out what I like before I decide what I'll keep and what I'll just do at random for muscle confusion.  I'm also going to get a membership at a local gym so I can work with stabilized weights and timed cardio.  It's open 24 hours a day so I can go after work without worrying about getting kicked out.  It also has free tanning so I can get rid of this pasty whiteness.  It's secure and card access only even during staffed hours and guests are not allowed.  I'm pretty sure I've found the place for me!  And it's around $30/month which is ridiculous in this day and age for unlimited gym/tanning!!

So tomorrow I will weigh myself and try to remember to do my measurements so we can get a starting point, and to make realistic goals.  50lbs is my start though.

Well I'm off to bed lovelies.  I have to work in 6 hours.  Sweet dreams!!



sarah said...

I know that feeling. i had the band put in and have lost 180 pounds and have about 60 more to go. I was huge! I do all my workouts at home. I do yoga, cardio, biggest loser last chance workout, the shred and more. i love the biggest losers cookbooks. I also track with my fitness pal. Keeps me accountable. Good luck in your journey


Cereal Stray said...

Good luck!

I hear you. Things went awol for me when I hit 30. At 34 I'm not impressed. For my brief gym stint a few years back the weights worked wonders (though wont happen so easily now).

November last year I decided I'd train for a half marathon. Now 8 months overdue starting my "plan of attack"! Next one maybe...;)

Chavonne said...

Hello, I'm a new gfc follower :) smile.

Wendy said...

I went through something similar. I was in a car accident and my weight changed considerably. Good luck and you can do it!

Little Missy Me said...

Good luck! that gym sounds awesome!

Mommyof2girlz said...

I use Slim In 6, perfect all over toning and slimming. 2 yrs ago I went from 175 to 133 using SI6 and a calorie restrictive diet. It was really motivating to see an all over 10" loss the first week, and it's addicting. Today I am in the 140's and okay with that (my body didn't do well in the 130's) I still use SI6 for maintenance when I start to gain or feel Stopping by from FTLOB to say hello, good luck on your fitness goals!

Yette Cruz said...

Hi! Found your blog through FTLOB.

I used to weigh a lot heavier last year then I went on a diet and went from nearly 65 kilos to 45 kilos so now I'm maintaining that weight.

Good luck on your workout! Btw, want to follow each other? Love your blog :)

Remy said...

That gym sounds divine and I'm not even a gym person! LOL

Best of luck to you, Allie!

Jaimie said...

Oooh gurl I'm there with ya! I could line up my pictures right next to yours, its sad... I'm also looking into a gym membership. I could lose the weight on my own.. I just need to get a hold of my eating habits.. I'm a sucker for food. :D

Anonymous said...

I think you look beautiful in all of those pictures!!! But good luck on your weight loss journey! I've definitely found that the quickest way to loose is lots and lots of cardio! I prefer running, but that's too hard on a lot of people - maybe you since you've had a knee injury. Whatever you do, have fun with it. It's wayyy too hard to stick with something if you're not having any fun at all! :o)

-Mallori said...

Allie, we ALL want to get rid of the extra. I can't wait to see all of your improvements! Good luck!

Sarah E. said...

Good luck!!

I love Jillian Michaels and my husband is currently doing Insanity. He is deployed and plans on having me do Insanity with him. I am going to be doing the 30 day shred again starting August 1st and making sure I exercise at least 6 days a week. I'm a bit lazy and I have no energy and I'm unhappy with my body. I definitely need to change that!

Anonymous said...


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