Saturday, July 9, 2011

Doin the No Pants Dance

Seriously, I am.  Well I don't have pants on anyway.  It's too hot in my house to dance... That's right my a/c is out... again!!!  So is the one at work...  If I had a hammock, I'd sleep outside tonight.  It's cooler out there than in my house which is quite sad...

Sorry had to pause to chase Tank down the road... in this:

Yep, I'm in my underwear and one of Matt's wifebeaters... I'm glad its the middle of the night here or I'd be in trouble.  Too many kids live in my neighborhood for me to get away with that.  Please ignore my gross bathroom... 4 people sharing a bathroom and all but 1 being male makes for a hard to keep clean bathroom.

Anywhooo!  Today is Day 22 of my photo challenge.  The challenge is to post a picture of something I wish I was better at.  Really?  Um, taking over the world work?

Haha just kidding.

I'm gonna recycle a picture or two from a non challenge post here.

Frisbee golf (aka disc golf or frolfing).  I love playing this game.  I just wish I was good enough to compete and be sponsored.  I love that Matt and I can play a sport together.  I also love that I can actually play a sport that won't hurt back but still gives me a good workout.  I also wish I had more time to play it.  I'm always working it seems.  If I'm not working, I'm sleeping.  I go only if Matt and I have a day off together.  I just can't seem to find the motivation to go alone, it's a competition sport.  I love it though even if I'm not as good as I want to be.

So I'm sitting here in my underwear watching Power Rangers with Bubba and Trulock.  This whole no a/c thing has definitely killed any and all modesty I had left.  Not that there was much left to begin with.  This would be completely awesome if I wasn't sweating my balls off!!

We went to the Second Friday Art Walk earlier tonight.  I had so much fun!!  If my phone wasn't dying and my charger dead I'd upload pictures of what we bought.  Well minus the present I got for Sarcasm Goddess.  It's a sur-prize.  I found something that made me laugh almost as hard as her posts do, so I had to get it obviously.

Ugh... I gotta get up soon... I'm gonna lay in bed and sweat until my alarm goes off...  G'night!!


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Anonymous said...

You poor thing!!! You have to share a bathroom with 3 boys??? I'd rather shower outside with a garden hose!

It's freakin' hot here right now, too. I think our thermometer hit 101 degrees earlier this afternoon. That should never happen.