Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm sorry I haven't updated lately.  For some reason Blogger wouldn't let me log in.  It was probably something my computer was doing, but it still really bothers me.

Anyway, what I'm loving today is....

Bubba's new car he WON at GRADUATION!!!  Say hello to the 2011 Ford Fiesta!  I told him he needs to name it Juan.  I like to name my cars.  I've had Betsy (the minivan who I took thru a guardrial, oops) and Ruby (pretty lil Nissan Maxima that is currently on the downhill slide, boo) (I also had another, but it wasn't named).

Super excited for my wonderful little brother.

This handsome man was top of his class.
His wonderful intelligence has opened so many doors for him!  He is getting his college paid for as a Chem-E/Pre-Med major (Nuclear E minor), has an opportunity to go to Cambridge his fifth year, gets to travel to another country every year on the state's dollar, and gets to rub shoulders with famous people.  People like this guy, one of my all time hereos,
That's right, me and Mayor Bloomberg!!
Anyway, really lovin my baby brother.  I hope he is safe on his last high school band trip this week!

Also, wanna win some pretty sweet things???  Check out Real Housewife of Singapore's giveaway here!  You won't wanna miss out!


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