Monday, May 9, 2011

Obscure Monday

Title: Heartless

First and foremost, if you watch this on Netflix the sound quality is oddly horrendous. 

The basic storyline is this: an awkward guy (with a heart shaped birthmark on his face) who can never seem to get the girl makes a deal with the devil to get the girl of his dreams.  It's a British film, which in my experience makes it all the more creepy.  Those Brits sure know how to make this country girl jump!

It takes awhile to get to the deal, first you have to watch the main character go downhill.  First he sees these strange, screaming creatures.  Later he watches as they kill his mother.  Then his nephew is torn apart by what the news calls gang related violence.

The deal itself is very unexpected.  A child, what looks like a redneck for the devil, a little fire, and what seems like an easy trade is all it really is.

The poor guy gets himself in some interesting situations.  There is a lot of blood after a time, which, for a person that doesn't mind the gore, had me gagging at times.  It was just really realistic; more so than most I've seen.

The twist at the end is both expected and surprising.

Overall, I liked the movie.  It was just a little hard to follow--rather slow moving.  You definitely need to be in the mood for something that requires your full attention.  It's demented and heartwarming at the same time.

It seems like I always pick the movies that are trying to tell you to love who you are and to not let anyone change that.  It's not on purpose, I promise.

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