Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I know I've been trying to do Wordless Wednesday lately, but I couldn't pass this up today.  I have so much love today!  So without further ado, here is what I'm loving:

The fun I've been having with my Matt

The beautiful Oklahoma sunsets
My work girls!!!  They keep me sane.  Or make me insane enough to handle the daily grind, haha.

  • Getting to see my family multiple times this month
  • My little brother is graduating high school!!!  And moving closer to me this summer!
  • Getting a good night's sleep multiple times this week so far. (hopefully I didn't just jinx myself!) 
  • This LOVELY giveaway over at Cheap Therapy!  You should totally check this chick out!  Her eye mask and rice neck massager just make me so happy!  She calls it her Gasp! Pamper Yourself Giveaway.  Seriously, check this out!!!
    Link up here and join the fun!!

    Have a wonderful week lovelies!!!



    Zara said...

    Stopped by your blog...via 'What I'm Loving Wednesdays' :)

    Katie said...

    Congrats to you brother!! :)

    Pretty said...

    Ah, an Okie... how I never saw that when I stopped by your blog the first time, I dont know!

    Thanks for promoting Jennees give away!