Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Some things you don't see in Norman (often) and some you do

So I thought I would share some part of my trip back home this weekend with you guys.  My parents are very country (imagine that!) and pretty much hippies.  They make their own laundry soap, have a huge garden, and my father recently made a dog crate out of what looks like an old tool box you find in the back of trucks (no pictures of that one...).

Hard to tell but this is Bob, the evil cat.  He's sitting in an old oven my parents have in the flower garden.

Ever seen anyone decorate a propane tank?  Now you have!

Bob, the most vocal cat you will ever meet.

This is after he attacked me... he decided I'd make a good place to nap.

Geebus!  This sucker dive bombed us all night!!!

The boat houses (yes, they are made out of sheet metal mostly) at the boat club my parents joined.

Wall of Fame at our boat house.

That's right, my dad decided to hang the OU lure instead of actually using it.  It adds to the wall of fame I guess.

My cousin and his girl friend with the first keeper of the day!  (This is before his $500 phone went diving...)

Matt with the second keeper!

My brother passed out after fishing the day after his senior prom, haha.

This what I like to call the Mobile Herb Garden.  Like I said, hippies.

Just some beauty from back home.  These decorate the mailbox.

Yep, that donkey is a road sign.  And yes, it is right next to the house.
I hope these put as much a smile on your face as they did mine.  I think I may do a post like this every time I go home to see the 'rents.  It's like they have a culture all their own, and I love it.


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