Friday, May 27, 2011

My first bloggie award!!!

I'm super excited today!  I was nominated for a sweet little bloggie award!

Receiving this comes with some rules, of course.

Legos In My Pocket

My wonderful friend Jaimie over at Legos in my Pocket gave it to me!  You should definitely check her out!

Legos In My Pocket

So, I guess a few random facts would be a good way to tell you about myself.
  1. I'm obsessed with penguins and elephants.  I have my granny's elephant collection from around the world (minus a few pieces) and penguins are somewhat of a long story (Now I know what to blog about when I have writers block!!).  
  2. My favorite colors are black, pink, and silver.  I try to incorporate one or more into my wardrobe every day.  My mother still gripes at me for wearing so much black.  I can't help that I like the way I look in it, haha!
  3. My favorite wildflower is the Indian Paintbrush.  I don't care what the botany people say, it IS a flower!!  Lol
  4. I could listen to Foreigner, Frank Sinatra, and Avenged Sevenfold all day long.  Throw in some Joe Nichols and Garth and it's a party!!
  5. My boyfriend Matt sounds just like Justin Timberlake when he sings.  Sshhhh, don't tell him I told you guys!
  6. I am currently in the middle of making chicken and dumplings for the first time.  This should be interesting!
Now I have to pick 10 wonderful bloggers to receive this award... hmmmm....

Amber over at Social Butterfly

Meagan over at Fairly Fabulous

Jennee at Cheap Therapy
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The Sarcasm Goddess at For the Love of Writing

Ixy at Illusion


Katie is Everywhere

Pretty at Real Housewife of Singapore
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Nadine at Shine On

Kendra at A Grimm Tale

EK at A Thousand Different Pieces

Back to my Chicken and Dumplings now!!


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Jaimie said...

love your randoms!!! Gonna have to check out all the new ones you have linked! can't wait!