Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you find it difficult to be thankful for the little things at times?  Yeah it was one of those weeks.  However, this constant presence of mind to be thankful for at least one thing a day, has been extremely helpful.  So I have found several things lately to be thankful for.

  • The much needed rain we've been experiencing.
  • That my house and my family's houses went undamaged this week.
  • The fact that our Thunder played so well as a very young team and gave us something to believe in other than OU football.
  • My wonderfully understanding boyfriend, who has been very open minded when it comes to me experimenting to find my way in this world.  He seems to embrace my eclectic-ness like a security blanket at times.
  • Having such supportive friends and coworkers.  They seem to understand my strangeness and know when to push for answers with me.
  • Living in a community where others treasure their pets as much as we do.  I found a public place to take the pups if the weather gets bad again.  OU dorms allows pets in the basements, gonna make sure to have the crate for Roxi though in case she freaks out.

 My thoughts go out to those I know who have been affected by these horrific storms.  And to those I don't of course.

I hope you all have found something, no matter how small, to be thankful for this week.



Jennee said...

It is so sad to see how much damage has taken toll over the mid-west. We've been hit hard with rain and have had a lot of tornado watches but nothing has hit us, thankfully.

Jaimie said...

Yea.. I had to stop myself from complaining about the weather we've been having, cause its nothing compared to the storms that they are having in the south! These storms are makin me so sad... I was worried that Mal from Aiukli was stuck over there still but she was in Tulsa already.. whew. my prayers to everyone there...

ps - I gave u an award dearie.. go check it out!