Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 In Retrospect

Here I sit waiting impatiently for the year on my computer to change.  No I'm not going to be sitting here watching the seconds tick by, I'm going to be out celebrating the end of a trying year and the beginning of MY year.

2011 has been one of the hardest years I have had to bare in my 23 (almost 24!!) years.  Don't get me wrong, there have been many wonderful things as well, but this was my year to be broken and reborn.

Financial difficulties have plagued me mostly, as well has health issues.  I spent half my summer in the sweltering Oklahoma heat wave without air conditioning.  Tank, bless is chaotic soul, ate my camera (and source of extra spending money...).  Roxi got copper poisoning and made the kitchen look like a scene out of a Friday the 13th movie.  I've come close to losing my job.  Matt and I ended things and have been somewhat rocky ever since (currently things are great as friends).  Bestie turned her back on me (oh, I didn't tell you guys about that one... another time maybe...).  My Sooners lost in Bedlam... ugh...  I've a nasty, white trash person thinking they are better than me and bash me publicly, when in fact they can't lift a candle to my inner beauty and integrity.  My Meme had to have brain surgery but nothing was found, so they have to start over from the beginning to save her.  I've been screwed over, chewed up, spit out, walked all over, and made to feel completely worthless.

But despite all of that, I can honestly say this year was an important step in me figuring out more of who I am and where I'm going.  I have grown so much stronger.  I know what I deserve and how worth it I am.  I know who I can count on to be here for me no matter how "stupid" I'm being or how "dangerous" the road I've chosen may be.  Tank and I have learned that we can make it on our own; we've even added a little one to the family, Cleo the miniature schnauzer.  I have decided to undertake the steps I have to take to get my Masters' of Psychology (focus on abnormal psychology) and then join the military as an officer.  I've started eating right, experimenting with recipes and foreign foods (CHEESE!!!).  I lost 50 lbs in the last year and have almost reached my goal weight, so I started focusing more on toning than losing now.  I have come into my own in the social, dating, and sexual aspects of myself.  I told my mother the truth about so many things this year, we have become closer.

I may have been broken into tiny, minute pieces, but I'm picking them back up one by one with the help of those who love me.  I am a strong, independent woman. 

My resolutions this year are pretty simple: become a better me (both physically and emotionally), stay focused, and become a better friend to those who have been to me (including you guys!).

I will be sure to come back next year with lots of pictures and stories to share with you.  You know how I get, haha.

I'm going to go do my makeup now, lil miss Cleo is telling me I need to stepping on my keyboard and licking my face.

Have a safe and wonderful New Year!!  I love you all!


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