Monday, December 26, 2011

Borrowed Christmas Sentiments

Christmas is coming,
My ass is getting fat.
The kids have all gone mental
And the dog just shat. 

I'm oddly rather horny —
Just a quickie shag'll do.
If you can't put out for Christmas
Then really, fuck you.  

Christmas is coming,
I don't mean to be a crank,
But get your shit together
And then I want a spank.

There's so much crap to do
And I hate to be so blunt.
But after all the chores are done
You need to lick my cunt.

Your folks are staying over 
A tiny piece of Hell.
I think I've more than earned
For you to ring my bell.

This time of year is when
I really start to twitch
'Cos Christmas is coming...
Ain't she a lucky bitch.

I borrowed this wonderful little poem from a good friend of mine, Lady Estrogen.  This is basically how I feel about the holiday season.  Just gimme a good roll in the hay or a quickie now and then, and I'm content with that present.

I'll update you guys tomorrow on the craziness that is my family Christmas's.  I even have videos this year!!

I hope you all got exactly what/who you wanted this year!!!



Lady Estrogen said...

Glad you enjoyed it - it's been a rough one :\
Thanks for the post!

Miss Allie said...

Ugh, rough doesn't even begin to describe how the last month has been!