Friday, January 6, 2012

Holiday Madness

I don't know about everyone else, but the holidays always stress me out.  This year was no different.  I ended up having to work on Christmas Eve, which sucked ass we weren't busy enough to justify being open, and when I got off work early that afternoon I baked FOUR batches of cookies to take to our family Christmas that evening.  I also cooked dinner for the ex and his step-sister before they left town.  (so nice of me... I really need to stop being so damn nice, makes him think he can walk all over me and treat me like shit...)

All of this, plus cleaning, made me late for our traditional evening festivities.  Add to that taking a wrong exit to a place I go to at least once a month, and you have one stressed out Sassy Miss...

When I FINALLY got back on the right road I realized I had forgotten the cookies.  I spent hours baking and left them on my damn cabinet in the festive red tub I had bought just for this occasion... I also had forgotten the foreign-cheese tray I had made up (I was broke this year so I did food).

Upon getting to Gigi's house, things went rather smoothly.  I watched the kids open presents.  Watched all the adults do the same.  I didn't even care that I wasn't opening anything, I love watching all of their faces and seeing all the knickknacks.

Story of the night:  "Wanna feel my ball?"  Uncle B got a rubbery handsized football from my dad and was asking all the women above 18 this.  Lots of laughs all around with this one.

The next day we had our traditional Christmas lunch.  Unfortunately Granny Barb and Grandpa Del are not with us anymore (haven't been for a few years) so it was different than I'm used to (still different anyway).  However, we did have them there in spirit.

Grandpa Del and his favorite soda at lunch.
The girls had me video them cooking our lunch.  I tried to upload it but mom's computer won't let me :(

My family is a riot!

I ended up getting a really really nice new camera from my mother.  She threatened poor Tank's life if he got ahold of this one--which I totally understand due to this and this.  Of course you know this means no more boring, pictureless posts; unless I'm just feeling boring or lazy.

The ex got Tank and Cleo a stocking full of toys and a huge rawhide for Christmas.  I told them it was from Santa for obvious reasons.  I was a little more practical: a new collar/leash for Cleo and a bed for Tank's brandnew HUGE crate since hard plastic is uncomfortable (which now needs a good washing... damn dog lol).  Here are the kids with their presents:

After all this craziness, I had New Year's Eve.  This could be a post all on it's own but I'm lazy, it's getting late, and I have an episode of Vampire Diaries to watch!

Oh NYE... such crazy fun.  Well, it ended that way, didn't start that way.  The ex and I got into a huge fight when I went to pick him up to find masks for later that night.  Needless to say, we are no longer in contact except to update each other on family health issues (both our fathers just had cancer scares this week, his father's test hasn't come back yet...).  The rest of the night went off pretty damn well though.

The first stop of the night was a Business on Top, Party on Bottom party in the neighboring town.  Twala and I got lost trying to find it, as did the car we were following (they lost us and found it...).  It was kinda low key.  A good handful of people, margaritas, and general goodtimes.  Twala ended up having to leave early, so I road with my friend CC and the others to our main party of the night, a masquerade (can't be topped right?  wrong.  It was at a Dr. Suess-like house!)

I invited my new Irish friend I had met a few nights before at Bison Witches.  He's funny and adorable.  Apparently he's interested, but we'll see how that goes considering my recent situation.  I also ran into a guy I hadn't seen in over a year, MW.

(MW and I met at our house warming party the ex and I and our roommates at the time had.  None of the four of us knew him or his friend that came along.  In fact, they showed in their work clothes and many people thought they were cops.  Being the badass protective person I am, I met them halfway through the yard to make sure they weren't just party crashing or trying to arrest us.  Needless to say, he ended up making out with another guest and being the center of gossip that night!)

No one kissed at midnight.  We missed it actually.  Depressing right?  Not really, I think we all just ended up walking around the house kissing each other saying "happy new year" for the rest of the night, haha.  I played some champagne pong and lost horribly.  I think I had a bottle and a half by myself that night, but it really doesn't do much for me anymore.  Played some card games, smoked some hookah (if you haven't tried this stuff, you must!  It's legal and so much fun), and danced.  Of course there was a little drunken drama, but that is expected, nothing that ruined anyone's night.

When I got home the next afternoon, I spent the rest of the day in bed.  You know it was a good NYE when you wake up at like 8pm the next day!  I would give you more details, but they're private (yes I do remember the whole night lol).  How about we settle for some pictures?

My kickass hair and makeup for the night!

Hammie and I

CC and lil CC!

Madi and I with Irishman in the back.

W and I

Red hot glow for NYE!
Hope you guys had fun too!


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