Monday, March 12, 2012

What's New with you? Well, ya see this one time...

It has been a crazy month or so it seems.  I lost my job last month, but hey!  I found a new one and I start a week from today, which kicks ass, especially since it's at my favorite place.  Tank and I lost Cleo a few weeks ago, which has been hard on both of us but him the most.  We're learning how to deal with just the two of us: walks, dog park, just chillin' watching tv.  Thankfully, my friends are the best and have been my wall anytime I need it.  

While I haven't been working, I have been staying busy.  I've been spending a lot of time with the girls and the new boy.  I've been trying to catch up on my reading, but that's difficult to do with a perpetual puppy in the house lol.  I've been taking a lot of pictures of everything when I can.

CC's 23rd birthday was earlier this month.  We went out to Jazzmo's in Bricktown.  If I could afford it, I'd eat there all the time.  It's cajun style cuisine.  Instead of opting for my usual of salmon or catfish, I went out on a limb and ordered chicken fried alligator.  It was good, but really didn't have a distinct flavor which was disappointing.  You know the old saying "It tastes like chicken"?   Yeah, well it did... The gator bites I nabbed from Trulock were great though! 

CC, AE, and I at O'Connell's karaoke.  It's a tradition now.

CC's birthday at Jazzmo's.  Love that place!  She and I shared oysters, while everyone shared entrees lol.
 Tank has been making so many new friends lately at the dog park.  Bestie has been taking her two dogs out with us, and he loves those girls!  Belle looks like a mini-me when she's next to him.  Today there was a beautiful great dane out.  Tank decided he wanted to play with him.  Poor Tank kept getting run over and trampled, so he settled for barking and running back and forth.
Tank at the dog park.  He loves little dogs.

Sometimes they can be a bit feisty though.

"Hey, whatcha doin?  I wanna play!"

"You're a bit bigger than me..."

Such a happy boy, I love him to pieces.
Yes, there is a new boy.  Well sorta.  Yeah, I don't know how to describe the situation at the moment.  I'm happy though, that's all that matters.  And Tank loves him, which is a must.  He seems to really like Tank too (again, a must).  When it's just Tank and I, he lays around, but when the boy is around he's hyper and crazy.  It's adorable.
Oddly enough, he latched onto the new boy quite quickly.

Yeah, he didn't like me taking this picture lol.
 Other than that, I've been job hunting.  Successfully, I might add.  This was my celebration this evening.  After a drunken one the other night.  I almost turned in THAT GIRL that night, almost but not quite THANK GOD!!!  Bought some Cinderella heels (Pink and glittery) and danced all night lol.
SUSHI!!!  Bestie, my old roommate and I had dinner together tonight.  Our favorite food EVA!

I've been doing a lot of cooking too.  Sometime this week, I'm going to some random foreign food market in the metro with Logan.  I'm excited to try even more new things.  I'll even take pictures for you guys, not like you didn't expect that though.

Well, off to have a beer or two to end a pretty damn good day.  Happy Monday!!


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