Monday, March 12, 2012

Riddle me This?

So while I've been getting ready for the new job (EEEEKKK!!!), I have neglected you.  I have a whole slue of updates that I have planned for tomorrow complete with photo documentation.  Until then, I leave you with this lil gem.

1. What’s your favorite pizza topping(s)?
EVERYTHING!!!  Seriously, the more toppings the better.  However, I miss being able to make my own.  Yep, worked a pizza place for nearly 4 years so I ended up with my own creation. (not that that's surprising)  Canadian bacon, bacon, Italian sausage, black olives, mushrooms, with ranch baked in with the marinara on a deep dish.  Fucking amazing.
2. If you could re-do your wedding, what would you do differently, and why?
Um, yeah not married.  How about not having to pay for a damn thing if I ever decide to?  Oh and a big, poofy dress and killer heels.  That's about it.
3. Cats or dogs?
Both.  Currently just have Tank, but I'm thinking about getting him a cat friend.  Dogs are fun and extremely loyal.  Cats you have to earn their respect.  I really can't pick just one.  I grew up with both.
4. What is your favorite thing to make for dinner? And can I have the recipe?
Anything random.  I really liked cooking that octopus, it just takes FOREVER.  I guess fish and seafood are my favorite.  Or mashed potatoes.  Love those!
5. What is your cocktail of choice?
Cherry Vodka Sour or Bloody Mary, oddly enough I don't like vodka.  I don't know why I like vodka drinks.  Tequila's great too.  Anything with tequila is a go for me!  OOOO and wineritas mix two of my favorites: wine and tequila.  HEAVEN!
6. How many scars do you have on you, and what are they from?
 A metric shit ton.  Yeah, I think that's about right.  Mostly from chicken pox as a kid.  Although I do fall a lot and end up with scars.  I have one on my ass from getting a cyst removed from my tailbone.  Yes, I have a scar on my ass.  No, I didn't have a tail.  Why would you think that?
7. If you could replace any one thing in your house right now, what would you replace?
The light bulbs, half of them are out.  I'm too short to reach them and don't have a chair or stool to stand on.  Oh, and that leaky faucet in my tub.  It's just annoying.  Thankfully I don't pay water at my apartment.
8. What do you usually eat for breakfast?
Breakfast?  What's that?  Lol, it depends.  I love breakfast food and tend to just do bacon and eggs or cereal.  If I were patient enough I'd make pancakes but when it's that early I just wanna eat!
9. What’s your favorite flavor of Girl Scout cookies?
Thin Mints and Samoas.  I actually have a box of Samoas in my freezer at the moment.  I ordered Thin Mints this year but the crazy woman never brought them to me... I want my $7 dollars back...
10.Winter or summer?
Summer=clothing optional!!!  And being on the river with booze.  Which also means clothing optional.  Just ask Sarcasm Goddess about naked pool beer pong.
11. How many pieces of jewelry are you typically wearing on a regular day?
9.  I had 11 but took two of them out.  Yes, SG I took out 2 piercings.  They kinda got ripped out.  Give ya two guesses which ones!!!  Lol

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