Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pet Peeves pt1

I have begun to realize that many things bother me.  Big surprise there if you know me, right?  So, I decided I would make a list.  Just so ya know, you know why I get aggravated with you or something lol.  There are actually two categories: things anyone can do and things the person I'm dating can do.  Yep, I have a whole other set of things for that one.  Here goes nothin!  Oh, and feedback is more than welcome on this one.

Hand washing.  Having a mother in the medical field and having worked with food and blood, this is a huge thing for me!  I don't wash my hands every other minute or anything, but when you go to the restroom (especially a public one), wash your damn hands.  There are sooooo many germs and bacteria in restrooms!  You can even pick up STIs *gasp!*  Okay maybe not with your hands, unless you like to wipe your hands on toilet seats, but still...

Not brushing your teeth/showering.  Um, you're gonna stink.  I don't want to smell it.  Plus, you look all greasy and gross.  I seem to have a thing about personal hygiene.  Don't get me wrong, if you just plan on sitting at your house all day or only making a quick cigarette trip I can understand not showering (unless you reek).  Hell, I do that occasionally.  Please don't come into my place of employment or a social setting without at least a quick shower and some mouthwash.  Oh, and deodorant.  BO just disgusts me.

Digging into parts of my personal life that are none of your business.  Unless I share it with you, let's not discuss it shall we?  It's personal for a reason.  If I do discuss it with you, that doesn't mean I want everyone to know about it, so let's not bring it up in public.  It's just bad manners.

Disgusting eating habits.  Don't get me wrong, eat all the strange food you want.  I do.  But how about we use utensils with foods that need it?  And don't chomp.  I don't want to see it while your chewing.  Gross.  When people shovel food in their mouth, it disturbs me.  How can you enjoy what you're eating?  This one is kinda a dating thing too.  Please don't be gross or impolite on a date, I WILL NOT go on another date with you.

Bad driving habits.  Please go at least the speed limit, but not way over it either.  And know the right-a-ways.  If someone gets to the stop sign before you, they have precedence.  Ugh, and not paying attention to traffic lights.  I may run a yellow light every now and then, not purposely, but I stop at reds and don't go until it's green.  I was almost hit head on last night by a guy who wasn't paying attention and decided when my light turned green to go across, he could go left across my lane.  My heart almost stopped.  Thankfully the jackass realized his light was still red and stopped in time to miss me.  I can't really bitch about cellphone usage while driving, because I do it, but if you can't drive and do it.  Don't.  I prefer if people don't do it at night or in construction/heavy traffic though.  I try to avoid those just because the risks are much greater.  Be safe.

Telling me my beliefs are wrong.  Big deal to me, this one.  (ha, Yoda sounding)  Everyone has their own beliefs on religion, politics, education, etc, etc, etc.  I will respect the fact that we may not agree, please do the same.  If you want to have a discussion or debate, I'm always up for that, but do not tell me that I'm wrong just because you don't believe in the same things I do.  I was raised to think for myself (thank you mommy and daddy!), and our country was founded on the idea of free thinking.  I don't understand why people think everyone must believe the same things.  Where would we be?  There would be no variety in life.  Hell, why would you even talk to other people?  You would know their opinions already, so why ask?

Treating animals badly.  Ugh!!!  Domestic animals usually do not know how to fend for themselves.  Take care of them.  Don't beat them, starve them, or be a horrible pet owner in general.  If you can't take care of your pet, find someone who can and will.  I understand most of us work, so you can't spend every moment with them.  It happens.  But love on them.  I take Tank to the dog park as often as I can so he gets exercise and meets new dogs, since I live in an apartment.  He also gets doggy playdates occasionally.  The ex has been good about letting me bring him over to see his big sister Roxi, they both need it.  Choke collars.  &$%^#^%$*%!!!!  Please do not use them unless you know how.  They are not good for dogs to begin with, but in the hands of an inexperienced person they are dangerous to the poor animal.  They are for training purposes.  They are not a substitute for a real collar or harness.  How about you let me put that around your neck and pull you around for a day or two and let those spikes dig into your neck???  No?  Then don't do it to your dog.

Okay, this was longer than I expected.  I'll have to do the dating one separate.  I don't want to bog you guys down.  I just needed to get this out lol.

What are your pet peeves?  Anything you would add to my reasonings?

Happy Pi Day, Hump Day, and Steak and a BJ Day!!!



*E-Dome* said...

You sing it sista!

Jaimie said...

Oh I totally agree On pretty much all of this!! Though I'm more of a stickler on the cellphone while driving thing.