Monday, January 10, 2011


Today was an off day.  I work at CSL Plasma and we closed early today.  Normally I'd love that but the weather is horrendous right now: icy rain, minute snow flurries, and fucking cold.  I haven't been sleeping well either.

My neurologist finally saw me the other day.  He was not the best doctor I've ever seen.  Ever watched House?  Yeah, when it comes to patient contact, mine was way more afraid of it.  I mumbled and sat across the room with his head behind a laptop.  He also didn't order my CT results so had no idea what they showed.  I was told they were clear, but its the principle of the thing.  All he did was poke me with a sharp stick (to make sure my nerves felt sharp supposedly) and prescribe me some anti-seizure medicine.  He said it would help me sleep and relax my nerves.  So far both are a fail.  However, it does make me sleep deep enough (when I actually get to sleep) that I talk in my sleep and carry on coherent conversations.

I'm still sick.  I feel like I'll never get over this crud.  I'm coughing and sneezing and am congested.  It sucks.  I think I'm gonna try to go to bed now to get over it...

Oh, slowly making my way through the 30 Days of Truth.  It's getting a lot more personal than I anticipated.  Please forgive me for anything that is incriminating or makes me look horrible.  This is a type of catharsis for me so I'm trying to clear my conscious.  I'll probably open up more as I go through it.  Hopefully.

Night world, love!

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