Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy-ish Almost Birthday to me?

It's been interesting here lately.  I went out to Partners and The Copa last night with a co-worker and her girlfriend.  I had a lot of fun.  Partners is basically just a bar where (mostly) lesbian couples go.  They have a few pool tables and a small dance floor.  It was pretty dead last night, I was told Saturdays are much better.  I enjoyed being able to sit with a beer and play pool without having to worry about us hogging the table or losing our seats.  Partners has probably the second best wait staff I've had at a bar (Sooner Legends being the best, but I'm sure it helps that we're on a first name basis with them).

At The Copa, the atmosphere was much much different.  It's a gay/lesbian dance club.  That is the first place I've ever seen old gay cowboys all decked out, one even had on a floor-length fur coat.  It was nice to see people being themselves and being comfortable with that.  Saw my first drag queen NOT in a show; actually I saw two.  Copa is a very out and crazy place.  We had jello shots and watched the near-naked male dancer (who changed his boxer briefs twice while we were there, talk about diva lol jk).  We danced and people-watched.  And of course, had several jello shots :).

I was super comfortable at both locations.  It was nice to not have to hide.  I guess I need to clarify that statement some.  I know some of my sorority sisters follow this, but I think it's time for me to be honest.  I'm bisexual.  After a big argument with a sister my first year about her belief that our sorority having open and out members would harm us, I decided to keep my sexuality to myself.  All everyone knows/knew is that I'm dating Matt and have been for years.  I'm head over heels for that boy, that hasn't changed; he isn't some sort of cover or anything, I genuinely love him with all my heart.  I've never been attracted to any of my sisters, they have always been like real sisters to me.  I feel like I've been hiding a large part of myself from the majority of those who know me, so this is my "coming out" I guess.  It needed to be done.  You can't really know me without knowing such big part of my personality.

Anyway, today I've been lazy.  I'm not hungover, but I just haven't felt the need or drive to do anything.  After chillin with Matt's boss and her two pits, I brought him home.  I cooked some kickass baked spaghetti!  It's basically veggie spaghetti since I didn't have any hamburger meat.

I've decided I'm getting another pit puppy.  Matt and I have been talking about getting another dog.  We had almost agreed upon the scottish terrier breed, but those dogs always get adopted and have homes.  Pit bulls do not.  There is a beautiful blue brindle pup that Tia Torres of Villalobos Rescue Center (aka Pitbulls and Parolees) has on her website.  I am in love with this baby girl.

I'm actually watching the newest episode.  I'm in tears watching them evacuate the dogs to save them from a wildfire.  I'd die if I had to fight to evacuate Roxi to save her life.  Tia is so attached to those dogs.  Her heart and courage always astound me.  She is definitely one of my heroes.  Her work is one of my inspirations to create a pit bull rescue.

Well, Imma get off here to finish this episode and enjoy my hard smoothie :)


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