Monday, January 24, 2011

It's been too long

 Sorry I haven't posted in awhile.  Life has been somewhat hectic lately.  My 23rd birthday was Tuesday. My good friends Kyle and Marchel made me dinner and a cake.  There is apparently pictures of me with my cake on Facebook somewhere, but I haven't seen them yet.  I'll add them when I do.

After a good night with good people, Marchel and I went to the shelter the next day to possibly pick out a new puppy.  We played with sooo many puppies.  I finally picked out the cutest little pit mix ever!  We think he's part German shorthair pointer.  He has the build and face of a pit bull, but the coloring of a gsp.  He even points occassionally!  It took Roxi a little bit, but she finally accepted him.  They love to wrestle.  She's become protective of him as if he is her puppy.  The only issues we've had with him is his trend to only sleep through the night every other night and his hardheadedness when it comes to potty training.

I need to catch up with my 30 Days of Truth, but I think I will just pick up where I left off.  Keeping up a blog and chasing an ankle biter who likes to pee in the floor and climb on my computer is quite difficult.  If there is another break in my posts, that's why.

Matt and the Kids

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