Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tank's Newest Experiment

Ever had an animal that likes to stare death straight in the eye and laugh?  Yeah I have one of those.  You've all met Tank.  If not, don't worry, this post will tell you almost everything you need to know about this sweet, headstrong, dumb puppy of mine.

So I'm sitting on my lunch at work, when I see a text from Matt.  It said something about Tank getting a hold of my camera case (camera is in my purse that is now out of his reach at night) and Matt's deodorant.  It also had a cryptic message about him possibly being really chill for a few days.  Knowing that there were allergy pills on the coffee table and that I had found an old bottle of muscle relaxers the day before and wasn't sure where I had left them that night.

Sure enough, the little shit had gotten a hold of the muscle relaxers.  Having no car (it's in desperate need of fixing right now), I had to sit at work and act like I wasn't having a panic attack.  Not only were those pills out of date, they were strong as hell.  I should have thrown them away, but with no doctor and a bad back I thought I would see if they would help even a lil.

Finally after 4 hours of going absolutely crazy, I got the chance to go call my vet.  The stupid ditzy girl they had recently hired answered the phone.  I gave her the name of the pills and asked what I should do.  She had no idea what they were.  Seriously?  For my back, they don't give you no name shit.  At least when I had a doctor she didn't.  After talking to her like a child, she told me to bring him in immediately.

How the hell was I supposed to do that?  Ask a coworker if I could borrow her car of course.  I rushed home to find a puppy who's pupils were so big I couldn't see the color in them and eyes more bloodshot than normal for this particular puppy.  He was acting fine, but Tank is my child.  I took him in.  And was told that they couldn't do anything for him and I'd have to take him to the AER that almost killed Roxi.

Uh, no.

I got my way.  The doctor gave him charcoal to absorb any of the pills that his stomach hadn't yet absorbed.

Little Man is doing fine now.  I was soooo worried though!!!  You have no idea.  He's my child.  I love that little shit.

Well I'm off to finish my beer and have a lil more fun tonight!


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OMG I was having a panic attack reading this. I'm so glad he is okay. My pups are my kids too.