Sunday, March 20, 2011

I love reading!!!

Yes, I'm still awake.  Imagine that.  Actually I fell asleep for a few hours and completely missed a good friend's birthday.  I feel like shit for that, but I really didn't mean to fall asleep.

Anyway, I was blog hopping (which has become quite the time consuming activity lately) and I came across a few reading challenges on Let's Start Saving Now.  Being the reading buff that I am, I was instantly hooked.  So I am now participating in a few of these challenges.

Very excited about this one.  I can definitely read 100 books by the end of the year.

I hope.

Thankfully, this one can be combined with other reading challenges she has listed.  A few of which I'm excited about.

(6 or 12 King books)

(24 of these)

(all 10 in this series)

I'm super excited about this.  My mother recently told me I needed a new hobby, maybe this counts?  Meh, I don't care.  I love to read.


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