Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sick... Again

It seems I'm sick.  AGAIN!  I may be doing many more posts while I'm sick, so please endure the bored postings.  I can't believe how under staffed the clinics are in times when the flu is running rampant everywhere.  It took me an hour to be told I have an upper respiratory infection and needed a z-pack, some weird cough medicine (disgusting too btw), and lots of liquids.  The cure-all, right?

2 hours later I had my prescriptions and essentials in hand headed out to my car.  I have never, NEVER in my life seen Wal Mart that ridiculous.  I was in line for an hour at least to buy $50 worth of everyday things and two 'scripts.  It's like Y2K is happening all over again.  I don't want to know how bad it will be when 12/20/12 comes around.  Not like you would need anything if the world ends, but people will still think every item in the store is necessary.  I understand getting the essentials: toilet paper, milk, water, medicine, nonperishable foods, etc.  But things like makeup, razors, and dog treats (not food, treats) blow my mind.  You aren't going anywhere important if you get snowed in and your dogs can go without things that will make them fatter than just sitting in a warm house will.  We checked the dog food and soup stocks as well as toilet paper and bottled water (in case of frozen pipes) before we made our short list.

I ended up having to pick Matt up from work tonight and got caught in my first Thunder Snow.  It's trippy when you have snow falling on your windshield with lightening and thunder all around you.  I was momentarily confused and then mesmerized by the new experience.  Thankfully I only had to drive one way on it, Matt prefers to drive if we're both in the car.  Then we braved the other Norman Wal Mart... not near as bad as my first trip, but still ridiculous.

Tank isn't sure what to think of all this cold, wet stuff on the ground and in the air.  All he wants to do is eat it.  It's too cold for him to want to play in it or even pee in it, but he'll eat it just fine.  Roxi on the other hand, can't get enough of it.  It's her favorite weather, which is odd because she doesn't like to be cold.  They're getting along so well now, it's like they've always been together.  Roxi would have made a great mother if we would have decided to breed her.  She plays with him kinda rough, but then comes to him if he cries to make sure he's okay.  It's precious.

Well... I've been thinking about posting up some of my writings up here.  I'm not sure if anyone would actually read them though, so if you think you'd be interested let me know and I'll slowly put some up.  I just need to start writing again, other than actual blogging.  It's a great way for me to really say how I feel and what I think.

My head is really hurting, so I think this is going to be it for tonight/this morning.  I'll probably have more up in like 12 hours.


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