Tuesday, February 1, 2011

30 Days of Truth--Day 11: Something people seem to compliment you on the most

This isn't very hard for me.  I've always gotten compliments on my hair, even after I started dying it.  I've always had long, curly hair (minus the few times I chopped it off).  It is naturally dirty, strawberry-blonde, but right now it is a dark, bright red.

Even dyed, people love to play with my hair, which is fine with me since it's one of the only ways I sleep lol.  They say it's really soft.  It's so thick though, I don't know how they don't get lost in it.

I used to get comments on my eyes and ass, as well.  My eyes, if accented correctly, stand out really well.  I love it when I get pictures where all you can really focus on is how pretty my eyes can be.  My butt, well, it's always been something I'm proud of.  It's not a typical white girl ass.  I would show you pictures, but I'm not quite that crass. 

When I find my portable harddrive in this crazy mess of a house, I'll post pics of my hair and eyes.  Personally though, I'm partial to my boobs.  Wow this post makes me seem conceited.

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