Monday, February 16, 2009

Iron Jawed Angels

First off I would like to say that this movie has become one of my top 10 movies. Its hard to really envision these women doing everything they did to help further women, and this movie really helps to give an image to what we have been reading about since junior high. The parade was a very powerful scene that gave me chills. The women were so brave to go through with it knowing they wouldn't have police protection. My heart went out to Inez when she gave her life for the cause; not telling anyone she was sick was very noble of her, even if it was very foolish. One thing about it I wasn't too impressed with was that in many of the scenes, the props and wardrobe seemed too modern for the early 1900s. It took away from it a little. Having modern music, however, was a nice twist and probably helped some viewers relate to the movie more.

The chapter that really spoke to me was chapter 11. It made sense when it said that until we end sexism, we will not end domestic violence. The majority of domestic violence is perpetrated by men, it is a show of male power and domination. Until we do away with the belief that men are superior to women, we will continue to have this type of behavior.

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