Monday, February 16, 2009


I interviewed my mother. She was aware of the feminist movement, but she said she wasn't too involved. Before I was born, she went to some meetings where the topic was "women's lib" but she didn't do much with it because she was given a hard time by her male friends. After going to the meetings, she agreed with it but didn't have much support from her friends. She describes herself as a pacifist and wishes she had been more involved. When she was growing up, she remembers that she had a few friends that she thought could have been gay/lesbian but growing up in Oklahoma people didn't "come out of the closet." She really never heard of feminists being called lesbian man-haters, she was shocked when I suggested it. She did know a man in Houston who died from AIDS, who ended up being gay. It was weird at that time for him to die of AIDS because it was not a common occurance, at least not a known occurance.

In the McIntosh article, I found it interesting that the author compared "white privilege" to "male privilege." However, she didn't elaborate on it, which bothered me. I understand that she is saying that as a Caucasian, she doesn't have to worry about any of the things we take for granted, but I'm not sure how that ties into sexism. I realize that in 1989 women didn't have the opportunities that we do now, but she didn't really tie it in well at all.
(I don't have F-Word yet).

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