Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's Sing Along Time! *snicker*

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I'll try to explain these song by song, but who knows how far I'll get.

"Stealing Cinderella"
Fathers are supposed to cherish their daughters. Their daughters are their Cinderella. They are special, daddy's little girl, and not just any one will be good enough for them. This is ideally how daughters are seen by their fathers, however, it is not always the case. I know from personal experience.
"High Maintenance Woman"
In this song, the woman is a stay-at-home wife who is used to the high life. She only wants a man who can give her everything she wants. This is how some men see women, as gold-diggers. While there are those who fit this stereotype perfectly, most do not.
"Stupid Girls"
This song is about the stereotypical sorority girl, the girl who is rich, pretty, and preppy. It asks "where have the smart people gone?" This song appeals to those who don't want to be seen as an airhead, "blonde," or not ambitious. However, this is usually just an image portrayed, they use it to get where they want to be. Take Jessica Simpson, for example, she capitalizes on her "blondeness" to make money.
Is about women finding themselves sexy and in demand. It exudes self-confidence, with an underlying of being almost conceited. It can be taken too far, this song pushes that limit. Self-confidence is sexy but by being so blatant about it, women are seen as high maintenance.
["Show Stopper" played when I added it but doesn't now :-( ]
"A Cause des Garcons"
A song by French artist Yelle. It basically says that everything women do, whether it is getting their hair done or dressing up, is for men. It goes on to say that this is caused by the magazines we read. (Translation:, Video:
Basically this is about a girl expressing her sexuality. It is expected of girls to want boys. While there is nothing wrong with wanting the opposite sex, it is not the only option now. This song is somewhat stereotypical of how boys expect girls to be about wanting them, when in fact many of us are not as up front about it.
"I Kissed A Girl"
While this song is about a drunk girl kissing another girl, which is supposedly every male's fantasy, it speaks about the other types of sexuality. It also speaks openly about being casual and not serious about someone in particular. It was very controversial when it first hit the airwaves, and still causes a stir.
While the song in itself doesn't really speak about gender, it is by an artist named Kelly. The sex and gender of this artist is somewhat questionable. I've tried to find out, but found nothing to point either way.
"I'm take a lot of pride in what I am"
This song speaks of men being proud.
"Here I go again"
A very popular song by White Snake. It is about being a man who continuously leaves girls to be on his own. It makes women out to be expendable and just objects subjected to the whims of men.
"The fightin' side of me"
Merle Haggard wrote this song about how people disrespecting his government/country are basically pissing him off. He speaks of his pride in his country and insinuating that real men are proud of their country and defend it against those that dare to speak lowly of it.
"Good Ol' Boy"
Waylon Jennings wrote this song about men "just being boys," getting in trouble, and running from the law. In a way, he is saying that real men take risks and don't bow to authority.
"Sexual Thing"
Ah, Poison. Making women out to be sex objects only. The song itself is good in my opinion, but if I really listen to the message it doesn't take into account any other aspects of women; they are only sex objects.
Woot! Meredith Brooks! This song is on here solely for the fact that it describes me almost perfectly. I can be anything any given day. I can be sexual, innocent, a bitch, or your dream. This is how I think all females should be: versatile.

On to the Readings
I totally agree that the feminist movements have been segregated within the ranks by class and sexual orientation. It makes the movement weaker to have factionsworking against each other. It does no good to fight for the rights of only certain women, there will still be women being discriminated against. Why should only one section get more rights? Isn't the idea equality? Why is it that only some women are worthy of those rights? That in itself is the bastard child of the patriarchal culture. You are only strengthening that by denying rights to other women. Go for it all, or none at all.

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