Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tank's surprise good-for-him goodies!

Sorry guys, my original post was deleted when I tried to change the title from my phone a few days ago... Stupid thing...

Tank is my baby, anyone who reads this blog knows that.  He's a spoiled rotten little brat.  He rules my free time (which at the moment, is not very often).  Take today for example, I worked a double at the new job but had a 4.5 hour break.  What did I do with my break?  Drove the 30 minutes back home (after getting free lunch from the amazing boyfriend!), and took him to the park.  He had a blast, like usual.  What did I do when I got cut early tonight?  Went home and played with him for a few hours before leaving to cook dinner for the boyfriend.  Yes, he comes before my romantic aspirations. 

On top of all that, he gets lots of treats.  Lots of them.  I'm pretty sure I spend more a month on treats than on his actual dog food.  Granted treats are expensive.  Don't get me wrong, he gets good food (the only kind I could find that keeps him from trying to eat all the grass in the dog park...), but it's relatively affordable.  Treat companies make bank though!  That's where it's at in the pet industry--treats and toys.  Lately the little shit has been getting fat with all the attention and rewards.

Recently, I found a brand called LeanTreats (available at VetDepot).  I was leery at first, considering the extremely low price and the claim of being good for them and good tasting.  From experience, healthy dog treats stink, are expensive, and not his favorite.  Don't get me wrong, he'll eat anything, but he does have his favorites.  But I thought they'd be worth a shot.

When I first opened them, I was happily surprised to notice that they didn't stink.  In fact, the have less smell than any of the treats I've bought, healthy or not.  So they passed the first test.  The big one was soon to follow.

I pulled them out of the pet cabinet to see how he'd respond.  Knowing it was treat time, he freaked like usual.  I handed him one, and he didn't hesitate.  I swear I almost lost a finger!!  After a bit, I tossed one up for him to catch.  He missed like usual but chased it down like it was going to escape.  The following days, his enthusiasm didn't deteriorate.

It's safe to say, he loves them.

The size is awesome too.  They're small enough to be used as training treats, but big enough to be just surprise goodies.  At 7 calories and 4-7% crude fat apiece, they're great to keep your dog from gaining weight from getting several treats a day (like Tank gets).

The 4-ounce bag was at first disheartening.  I wondered how in the world they would last more than a day or two.  But again, thanks to their size, they lasted quite awhile.  A week or so actually.  They also offer a line for large dogs, however, I'm not sure on the amount of calories or size difference in the treats.

Another plus is that they contain glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health, which is helpful for overweight or older dogs, as well as those larger breeds that are known to have joint issues.

I highly recommend heading over to VetDepot and picking up several bags of these.  And they have a line for cats, which if Sugar's reaction to the dog treats was any indication, they'll love them too.  You have nothing to lose, except for a few extra puppy pounds maybe!

Tank waiting impatiently for his LeanTreat.

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