Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Beginnings

I haven't posted an actual blog in god knows how long. It's been a crazy time. Life has thrown me some curve balls, but I haven't struck out yet which is a good thing.

I applied for graduation from OU today (Wednesday). It's crazy to think that after 18.5 years of school I could actually be done. I haven't decided if I'm going to go to grad school or not, but I know that I am at least taking this coming spring semester off so I can work and take a break from all the papers and such.

Matt and I have moved in together officially. On one hand, it's weird because I'm actually living with someone and making a life with someone. On the other, it's what I've always wanted--to find someone who can put up with all my bullshit and quirks and issues but still love me and want to be with me. We've actually started talking about the future, which in the past made me run, but with Matt it's different. It's not just wishful thinking. It's real and here. I'm still not sure how we got to this point, we've had one of the strangest relationships I've ever seen. Maybe that's why we're good together. We have a 4-legged child named Roxi, she's a 15 month old red-nose, brindle pit bull. She is seriously my child. I look at her and just wonder if I love her so much how I would be if I ever had an actual child. She's spoiled rotten and doesn't know she's a dog. She's a person in her mind. She sleeps in the bed with us, uses a pillow, and crawls under the blanket when she's cold. She even has a place on the couch. She is also our bedtime alarm; if she's not in bed by about 11:30 she gets grumpy and huffy. It's quite adorable.

I think this is long enough for my first new post. More later. Good night!

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